About Box Buddies

Hello, I’m Jon. I’m the designer and creator of Box Buddies products. I’ve been designing and making paper toys since I was a child (which was quite a long time ago now!). 

A few years back I created a set of collectible robot cards called OiDroids. They were created especially for my children as an alternative to boring trading cards which offered little play value. It was a great little product at the time and very well received but ‘learning the hard way’ with the business robbed it of all its joy so I was desperate for a fresh start and so it’s been awesome to reboot Box Buddies and rediscover the fun of designing and creating cool little paper products once again. 

Central to all new Box Buddies products has been making everything as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. My Mini Box Characters were specifically designed as an alternative to throwaway single-use plastic party bag fillers and all my products are produced here in the UK, so they aren’t travelling halfway round the globe before they get to you. 

Stay tuned: the Box Buddies website and shop are currently being updated as I have two completely refreshed Box Buddies sets arriving soon, along with my brand new product – Monyamo.